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Financial fraud
Unlawful or unauthorized acts by business partners, directors, employees, contractors or third parties pose serious daily threats to corporations.

EMA has frequently been retained to:

  • confirm the board of directors' suspicions of fraud, breach of fiduciary duties, improper relationships or foul play
  • provide objective research admissible in legal proceedings to either clear or implicate targets
  • identify assets to be frozen and recovered
  • provide admissible documentation proving links between the target and the breach of contract or fraud, particularly from offshore tax havens or in fraudulent transfer cases.

EMA's recent cases include:

Case 1: Follow the Money Trail
The client needs assistance in locating the proceeds of a major fraud.
EMA's brief: Build a profile of the people concerned, including company practices, worldwide deals, investment patterns and business associates, and analyze the routing of funds via offshore companies and trusts and locate the assets to be frozen through temporary restraining orders or injunctive relief.

Case 2: The Phantom Bank
A Far Eastern financial institution is being asked to issue Letters of Credit guaranteed by a little-known Moscow bank.
EMA's brief: Identify the principals behind this multi-jurisdictional fraud spanning Shanghai, Vietnam, Tashkent, Moscow, Poland, Vancouver, New York and the Bahamas, and uncover the facts behind the confirmation of the Letters of Credit by the Moscow bank and the affiliations of its principals.

Case 3: Bad Products or Kickbacks?
A client is failing to create a market in Europe. Is it the product or is it the market controlled by restrictive practices and kickbacks?
EMA's brief: Analyze how business is done by those who have succeeded in the country concerned, discover if any uncompetitive or illegal practices exist.

Case 4: Imitation Products
A US manufacturer of luxury goods exporting to Eastern Europe believes its product is being sold at cut-price in its home market via another supplier.
EMA's brief: Locate the suspect product and check for possible counterfeiting; investigate the transactions of the primary importer with other trading companies, and trace the routing of the goods from the country of origin to discover how parallel trading is taking place.