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Difficult jurisdictions
From Beirut to Bogota, Moscow to Kazan, Nairobi to Jo'burg, Beijing to Tokyo, EMA is often called upon to conduct sensitive investigations, due diligence and fraud inquiries, and new product or new market surveys, ethically, in countries where different standards of security apply and where the public record is minimal.

The circumstances in which we provide such research include:

  • Litigation support and complex fact investigations
  • Locating, valuing and recovering assets worldwide
  • Corporate fraud, financial mismanagement and bankruptcy, theft of proprietary information, internal corporate investigations, product imitations
  • Breach of fiduciary responsibility, antidumping, and anti-competitive agreements
  • mergers and acquisitions, including joint ventures, contested takeover bids, public offerings and private placements
  • Battles for corporate control
  • Political, commercial or environmental risk.

In these circumstances, we mix skills from several professions, including law and accountancy, law-enforcement and intelligence, and management consultancies.